-How much does it cost?
Our huge variety of pieces are individually priced. The cost is just your price of your piece plus tax.

-How long does the painting take?
It depends on the painter. Some clients paint an item in 30 minutes; others take 2 hours to paint. Please know that should you not finish your painting, you can leave it with us for safekeeping. Your piece will be waiting for you when you come back to finish.

-When will it be ready?
All pieces are guaranteed to be ready one week from when they are painted. Most times, it is 4 to 7 days.

-Do I need an appointment or reservation?
The vast majority of our clients are "walk-ins." Reservations are typically not required. Should you have six or more in your group however, we ask that you let us know, so we can reserve a big table for you at no charge.

-Do I need an artistic background to paint?
Absolutely not. We have painters young and old, experienced and unexperienced. Art & Soul is an inspiring atmosphere where you can get away and escape into a creative, relaxing environment.

-What if I can paint but I cannot write with a paintbrush?
Should I want my name, a saying or other information painted on my piece, what will I do? Our artist can do the writing for you at no charge.

-Do you offer lessons or classes?
We offer private lessons where our clients learn a variety of artist's tricks for painting. We also offer assistance for learning how to write with a paintbrush.

Additional questions?
Please call us at 972/599-2529 or email us at